Worm Tea Plant Care

An energy drink for your plants.
This is a natural liquid plant food that is completely safe for children and pets
and will not contaminate the water system.

Worm tea is safe for all plants, flowers, vegetables, seedlings, roses, trees
and provides a shield against harmful garden pests.

Worm tea is good for fruiting, flowering, but difficult to access potted plants.


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Worm Tea diluted at 4 oz to 1 gallon of DECHLORINATED water will promote beautiful blooms. As an added benefit, Worm Tea builds up the immune system of roses and eliminates black spot, black mildew, white flies, spider mites and aphids.

When transplanting roses, dip the root ball in Worm Tea before planting to give the rose a head start. Then you can spray the entire plant and ground after planting for an extra boost.

Water late in the afternoon since U/V rays have a harmful effect on the live microbes.

Plants will absorb the nutrients through their leaves and roots. The results will be astounding!



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St. Augustine grass is prone to chinch bugs, which live in the thatch created by mowing. To get rid of them, just spray your yard with worm tea after mowing.

The worm tea will decompose the thatch into a rich humus that will encourage the growth of a greener lawn.

Worm tea also breaks down grass clippings in the same manner so they actually become beneficial to the growth.


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The best way to use worm tea on orchids is to use it once a month instead of water as part of routine plant care.

Saturate the roots with worm tea. Allow the excess to run out the bottom of the pot.


Fruit Trees

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Use Worm Tea to spray your citrus or other fruits. Not only will the trees produce more, the tea will protect them from pests like aphids, leaf miners and black mold.

Get rid of pests that plague citrus and other fruits and nourish your trees at the same time with worm tea.

Palm Trees

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Palms are susceptible to palm scale, which is difficult to control. Only three treatments of Worm Tea Spray will help eliminate this harmful disease.

It's amazing!

Be sure to spray the trunk and the leaves with a dilution of 4 oz. of Worm Tea to a gallon.

Spray late in the afternoon to protect the microbes from the sun's harmful UV rays. This gives the palm overnight to absorb the worm tea and combat palm scale. Worm tea not only supports growth but is a natural fungicide and insecticide