A Little About Us

Green Leaf Worm Farm has evolved since 2009 from primarily a worm farm to an all-natural farm with many products.  We started by raising worms for their castings and to make worm tea.

Since moving from an urban farm in 2019 to a five-acre farm in Central Florida, we have expanded to growing all native and medicinal plants with no chemicals, plants to support butterfly gardens and some Asian greens and plants. We also collect the seeds from our plants and sell them.

Because we have several acres of timber bamboo, we not only sell the bamboo as timber but make vases, planters, plant stakes, bamboo shoots and biochar from it. Fresh produce like Thai ginger, longevity spinach and bananas
are sold in season.

Some of our plants like Cranberry Hibiscus and loquat are dried for tea. Others like Cuban Oregano
are dried for herbs or spices.

We sell our products at many plant events in Southwest and Central Florida during the year as well as online
and at some local outlets. Follow us on Facebook to see upcoming events.

In addition, we have given presentations and helped promote organic gardening at schools, garden clubs,
and civic organizations. Call or email us for availability if you are interested in having us as a speaker.

You can follow us on YouTube and Facebook to see the day-to-day farm operations and new discoveries.

Our goal is to nurture the land without chemicals and show other folks that they don’t need manmade chemicals
to have a great garden and preserve Mother Earth.