All our bamboo products come from our bamboo timber at the farm in Central Florida. Much of it is over 65 feet tall.

We use the dead bamboo to make biochar but we also make
planters, vases, garden stakes and cut the lumber
up to 10 ft. long in diameters from 1 inch to 4-5 inches.

Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Hardee, Desoto & Highlands Counties

Bamboo Planters

Bamboo planters
Each One is Different
Hang it, or Use on a Flat Surface
Great For Air Plants or Orchid
3 Hole Bamboo Planter: $15.00
2 Hole Bamboo Planter:  $10.00
1 Hole Bamboo Planter:  $5.00

Plus $20.00 Shipping
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Bamboo Vases

Bamboo vase
Finished in Natural Color
8 Inch Tall with 3 to 5 Inch Opening

Bamboo Vases: $8.00 ea.
Plus $10.00 Shipping
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Bamboo Poles

Img 1020
Green or Aged up to 10 ft
Free Local Delivery

1 Inch Diameter:     $1.00 per ft
2 Inch Diameter:     $1.50 per ft
3 Inch Diameter:     $2.00 per ft
4 Inch Diameter:     $2.50 per ft
5 Inch Diameter:     $3.00 per ft
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Bamboo Stakes

Img 0493

Bamboo Stakes Bundle of 20: $10.00
Plus $10.00 Shipping
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Bamboo Biochar
Also called Terra Preta or Dark Amazonian Soil.

•  Adsorbs moisture, fertilizers, nitrogen
and releases these to the plants
•  Sequesters carbon the soil to
combat climate change
•  Permanent soil amendment. Lasts for decades. Substitute for vermiculite
•  Enhance potting mix with one part biochar
to ten parts soil, soil blend or potting mix.
•  Extends any fertilizer applications.
Its large surface area and unique porosity creates a haven for microbe habitation.
to ten parts soil, soil blend or potting mix.
•  Repeated applications increase the benefits over time.

Made from all natural timber bamboo on our farm
and inoculated with worm tea for microbial growth.
1 Lb. Bag Biochar  $10.00
Plus $9.00 Shipping
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