All our seeds are from our Central Florida farm.
They are all non-GMO. No chemicals are ever used on our plants

All seeds are free shipping and 20 seeds for $4.00 except Barringtonia,
which are 10 seeds for $5.00 since they are much larger.

Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Hardee, Desoto & Highlands Counties

Loofah Seeds

Loofah seeds

Loofah can be eaten as a vegetable or grown and dried for the famous loofah sponges that are great for bathing, or cleaning.

All natural and GMO free, unlike imported loofah.

20 seeds for $4.00
Free Shipping

Bottle Gourd Seeds

Bottle gourd small

Need a strong trellis for this squash. These are also grown for food and dried for many crafts.

They can grow over 3 feet long!

20 seeds for $4.00
Free Shipping

False Roselle (Hibiscus Acetosella)


Use leaves and flowers for salads, sauté them, or make a medicinal  tea. Some have even use the flowers like rose petals for a soothing bath.

These grow very easily by cuttings or seeds, especially in the warmer climates. Self seeding so you can easily grow more.


20 seeds for $4.00
Free Shipping

Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa or Jamaican Sorrel)


Hibiscus Sabdariffa has many names, such as Florida Cranberry, Roselle, Jamaica or Indian Sorrel, and Rose-Mallow.

They have red stems, and calyxes, with creamy-white flowers and young leaves that are edible with a citrus tang. The calyxes are sought after for a medicinal tea.

Self seeding so you can easily grow more.

20 seeds for $4.00
Free Shipping

Star Gooseberry

Img 5013

Likes a shady place and is a Florida native.
Small shrub with edible young leaves.
Bees and butterflies love the flowers and like the berries

20 seeds for $4.00
Free Shipping



Rare shrub native to Florida, loves a shady area and is attractive to birds and bees. It blooms in late spring. Flowering is profuse, with trees being covered with yellow flowers, many times with almost no leaves being seen.

Growth for this tree is best in full sun on well-drained soil; it is relatively drought-tolerant and slightly salt-tolerant.

Can grow up to 12 ft. tall or pruned to make a fuller privacy hedge.

20 seeds for $4.00
Free Shipping

Barringtonia Acutangula (Freshwater Mangrove)

Freshwater mangrove

Unusual Asian shrub that can grow to a to a medium sized tree with long strings of red tasseled flowers.

Used in medicinal remedies for nasal inflammation and colic.

10 seeds for $5.00
Free Shipping