SUPPLIES Plastic bucket or bin with drainage holes in the bottom and top Shredded paper 1/8" hardware cloth Peat Moss Worms
Feeding: Night crawlers come to the surface to feed at night Feed them anything but meats and fatty food, no avocados, nothing too acidic. They love watermelon, cardboard, corn meal, veggie scraps. Wait until they eat what they have before adding more food. They have a small mouth so they digest finely chopped wet food Sifting:Take out worms by sifting through 1/8" hardware cloth and change bedding every 3 weeks. Save the castings for the garden. Tips: Be sure to keep it dark, that's why they call them night crawlers. Their ideal temperature is 75 -80 degrees to produce castings. Also keep them damp but well drained. You can watch the eggs and baby worms grow and use any extra worms for fishing or in the garden. Always protect them from ants, flatworms, snakes by keeping them in worm bins.
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